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Every product we stock is personally researched and tested by us. We won't sell a product or service that we wouldn’t use and highly recommend.



As a primary leader in the skin care industry Nimue is renowned for their expert understanding of the skin and the effective treatment of various skin conditions.

Why we choose Nimue

The nimue product range was initially developed in 1994 aimed at the medical market for pre and post operative application as well as for advanced skin rejuvenation treatments by skin care therapists.

Nimue has since evolved into a globally recognised brand, primarily amongst leading skin care salons for its innovative formulations and cutting edge technology based on the effective combination of exceptional ingredients with scientifically proven delivery systems.


Nimue’s advanced and powerful formulations effectively assist in treating most skin concerns including:

  • dryness and dehydation 

  • acne and/or excess oil

  • anti ageing/fine lines and wrinkles 

  • sensitive skin and barrier issues

  • uneven skin tone and texture

  • unhealthy compromised skin


Nimue formulations deliver optimal concentrations of pharmaceutical grade nutrients, antioxidants, peptides and other powerful active ingredients where they are needed most – below the skin’s surface to actively improve skin health and appearance.

Nimue is globally recognised for it’s modern skin classification concept (Environmentally Damaged Skin, Hyperpigmented Skin, Problematic Skin and Interactive) and unique philosophy based on four treatment pillars, Rejuvenation, Restoration, Antioxidation and Sun Protection.


As a dynamic brand and trendsetting innovator Nimue continue to satisfy the ever demanding industry with a unique understanding, philosophy and concept.


Curtis Collection

Redefining Beauty. Curtis Collection By Victoria is a 100% Australian owned boutique makeup brand, offering a prestige line of professional cosmetics.

Why we choose Curtis Collection

The premier range features a dedicated mineral collection, designed to pamper and perfect, while treating the skin with the most powerful natural ingredients.

The secret to achieving the flawless Curtis Collection Signature Glow lies within the brands innovative multi mineral formulations. Designed to protect, perfect and illuminate, these powerful light reflective minerals recreate the most flattering light on the complexion – a luminous, soft focus coverage. Capturing, diffusing and softening surrounding light, the Curtis Collection Airbrush Minerals create the illusion of complexion perfection.


Contact us to book in a make up styling session and discover your very own Signature Glow.



Adashiko Collagen works from the inside out to promote wellness and healthy aging. Replenishing collagen stores with a premium pure collagen supplement is a completely safe, natural, affordable and highly effective way of achieving full-body wellness and strength, beautiful glowing skin, stronger nails and hair, and increased joint mobility.

Replenish and Soothe

The ultimate five-in-one anti-ageing formula to exfoliate, tone, hydrate, repair, and regenerate. Soothe, hydrate and renew your skin with Adashiko Collagen & Noni Gel. This potent skin saviour is formulated with low molecular weight active ingredients to penetrate deep into the skin for optimal absorption and results.

Adashiko reduces the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and pigmentation. Helps to prevent acne and breakouts, and calms irritated skin. Suitable for all skin types. Contains no parabens, artificial preservatives, fragrance, or colour.

Create glowing skin in a flash with Adashiko Collagen Gel Cloth Masques

The ultimate anti-ageing skin luxury. Adashiko Collagen Gel Cloth Masque smooths, calms and brightens the complexion with a blend of antioxidants and potent skin-loving ingredients. Each masque delivers intense hydration and a healthy looking, radiant complexion in as little as ten minutes.


Byron Bay Bronze

Why we choose Byron Bay Bronze

Byron Bay Bronze was founded on the back of a belief that products can, and should, have multiple benefits for the user.


The Byron Bay Bronze sunless tanning range has been formulated with one mission in mind ‘to create a sunless tan with no transfer, that produces the most natural colour from application through to development, utilises super ingredients filled with antioxidants, to ensure the skin remains moisturised & healthy - free from pollutions, & does not produce an odour’.

  • Fast Drying

  • No Transfer

  • Odourless Eco Dha

  • Over 99% Natural

  • Organic/ Vegan/ Peta Hypoallergenic & Sustainable Non-Oily

  • Suitable For All Skin Types No Sulfates, Parabens Or Nano Particles

  • Premium, Ethical, Sustainable Tanning. Better For Your Skin And Better For The Planet.

  • Every Product Sold Removes 1kg Of Ocean Bound Waste.

  • Byron Bay Bronze are committed to supporting innovative solutions to end ocean plastic




Why we choose RevitaLash®

This award-winning and category-leading serum features proprietary, scientifically advanced technology to strengthen lashes and protect against breakage while improving flexibility and shine, resulting in dramatic looking eyelashes.

    RevitaLash® Advanced eyelash conditioner is designed to make eyelashes healthier and better conditioned. It was developed by an ophthalmologist, carefully formulated to improve the attractiveness, appearance and beauty of your natural eyelashes. RevitaLash® Advanced is intended solely to improve the appearance, promote the attractiveness, and enhance the beauty of your natural eyelashes.
    Once-a-day apply a thin line of RevitaLash® Advanced directly to your eyelashes, above the level of your skin. Do not apply more frequently than once per day. Remember, only a small quantity of RevitaLash® Advanced is needed to beautify and promote the attractiveness of your natural eyelashes. One lash stroke is sufficient. Please Note: we recommend that you wash your hands and face with mild cleanser and water prior to the application of the product.
    We recommend using RevitaLash® Advanced on clean, dry eyelashes. If you use it in the morning, please follow the instructions on the package insert and allow at least 5 minutes before applying your daily facial products. When used as directed, RevitaLash® Advanced should not interfere with other cosmetic use. ​ As a helpful reminder, we recommend that you be careful not to over-saturate the RevitaLash® Advanced application brush (any excess should come off as you extract the brush from the tube). Remember that you only need to apply a small quantity of RevitaLash® Advanced daily to achieve beautiful looking eyelashes.
    Many of our customers have noticed that, after using RevitaLash® Advanced, their eyelashes show a significantly more “youthful” curl. There are many ways in which the RevitaLash® Advanced formula improves the appearance, beauty and attractiveness of your natural eyelashes. ​ Revitalash® Cosmetics is pleased to share news that the proprietary technology found in our category-leading eyelash conditioner, RevitaLash® Advanced has been patented in the United States. This exciting news should provide loyal users with more confidence that our proprietary formula delivers the absolute best in eyelash beauty and product innovation.
    You will begin to see more beautiful lashes immediately. With your first tube of RevitaLash® Advanced, we are confident you will reach your goal of having more beautiful, attractive eyelashes. In order to maintain the natural beauty of your eyelashes, we recommend that you continue to use RevitaLash® Advanced at least 2 to 3 days per week.
    When used as directed, one tube of RevitaLash® Advanced (3.5 mL) lasts approximately 6 months. The expiration date for RevitaLash® Advanced is one year upon opening and two years if unopened.
    With your first tube of RevitaLash® Advanced, we are confident you will reach your goal of having more beautiful eyelashes. In order to maintain the natural beauty of your eyelashes, we recommend that you continue to use RevitaLash® Advanced daily at least 2 to 3 days per week. If you discontinue use of RevitaLash® Advanced Eyelash Conditioner, your eyelashes will gradually return to their original appearance.
    Because RevitaLash® Advanced is used around the eyes; we have taken care to formulate our product with ingredients that have excellent safety profiles. In addition, our tests have shown that the formula for RevitaLash® Advanced is a “no-drip” product containing a thickener to ensure that when applied as directed, RevitaLash® Advanced does not get into the eyes. However, if a small quantity of RevitaLash® Advanced accidentally gets into your eye, we recommend that you lightly splash a little tap water in the eye in order to dilute and rinse away the RevitaLash® Advanced. ​ As a helpful reminder, we recommend that you be careful not to over-saturate the RevitaLash® Advanced application brush. Remember that you only need to apply a small quantity of RevitaLash® daily to enhance the beauty and attractiveness of your natural eyelashes.
Frequently Asked Questions

Pure Fiji

Discover intensive hydrating body oils, creamy coconut lotions, nourishing hand made soaps and fresh sugar scrubs that will get your skin glowing.

Why we choose Pure Fiji

For centuries South Pacific and Fiji islanders have used pure coconut oil and flower extracts to nourish, moisturize and beautify both skin and hair.

We are proud to offer you a complete line of natural beauty therapies containing uniquely Fijian plant extracts – hand selected to guarantee their highest quality.


Botanical ingredients such as the blend of nut oils are wild-harvested, which means we select the nuts from trees that grow in their natural habitat. This reduces our requirement for energy, dependent irrigation and fertilization methods thus limiting our carbon impact. Leaves and herbs are collected by hand and distilled fresh on site for each batch of product we produce.



Why we choose Kearose

Their vision was to create beautiful scents that connect memories with a time, a place, or a moment.  Fragrances that add a blissful ambiance to your favourite spaces.  The result is a range of beautiful candles, notable for their chic  simplicity and their captivating aromas.

At the heart of the business, is an eco-friendly ethos.  Create products that energise your environment, without taking anything away from nature. Their clean burning candles contain no nasty ingredients, and are not tested on animals.

Candle Care instructions

The first burn is the most important!  When lighting your candle for the first time, always allow the wax to burn so that it melts across the entire edge of the vessel.  This will ensure an even burn for the duration of the candle’s life. ​ Make sure your candle wick is always approximately 5mm in length.  This will encourage an even burn, and a steady flame. Avoid burning candles for more than three hours at a time.  We suggest that after burning a candle for three hours, extinguish the flame and let ​it cool until the wax hardens before relighting. House your candle in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Always monitor the amount of remaining wax in your candle vessel.  Never leave your candle burning unattended.  Once the wax falls below the half inch mark (1.5cm approx) discontinue use.  The candle may heat up when the flame nears the base of the jar if there is very little or no wax remaining. Do not leave multiple candles burning too close to each other.  Always leave a 100mm gap. Keep your candle away from children, pets, drapes, soft furnishings, and anything that can easily catch fire.

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